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Truck accident insurance

You or a relative suffered a physical injury during a traffic accident: it can be a truck accident, motorcycle, public transport (bus, train, tram, airplane ...) Confronted with a difficult and unexpected situation, What actions can you take to obtain a satisfactory compensation for your injury? With its experience in personal injury compensation, the firm is able to answer every question that concerns you.

About truck Accident Victims

Following a traffic accident, insurers often contact the victims and / or their family promptly to offer compensation that is often less than what is normally due. Before making any decision on the transaction proposed to you, it is essential to seek advice from a lawyer specializing in compensation for bodily injury.

Road accident victims are not equal in front of their injuries according to whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclistsor motorists

Indeed, often the Pedestrians will be struck directly or indirectly to the head causing then traumatic cranial. Cyclists and Segwists will also be hit in the head, their helmets are often of poor quality. Bikers will be regularly affected in the spine (paralysis and others) and on the limbs (regular amputations). Finally, motorists are not immune and can also be injured in all parts of the body depending on the angle of impact.

Victims of a road accident can sometimes face extremely serious consequences, with very significant bodily injuries.

The life of the victims is then completely upset ... by the handicap. Initially simple acts become complicated for the road accident due to disability, paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia. The disabled victim will have to relearn, for some, to walk, for others to speak and sometimes both at the same time. This relearning will also weigh on the entourage of the disabled victim who will try to facilitate the evolution of the victim in this new environment. Adaptations of apartments, vehicles and others will then be necessary. The disability isolates and the disabled victim will have to be assisted. Devices will have to be bought and put in place, psychological trucke will also be needed and finally trucke must be provided and particularly rehabilitations so vital in terms of brain damage. The case law is favorable to the victims of the road, handicapped, with important bodily injuries All this will be very expensive ... but it should not be a new source of stress.

Importance of the lawyer

The Cabinet is composed of several lawyers, all experts in the law of the bodily compensation. The lawyer who will take trucke of your file will have the most advanced skills to discuss, negotiate and defend your interests. In fact, the terms used in medical jargon are very specific and a non-specialized lawyer will not be able to understand the scope of the reports that will be presented to him. Therefore, the Cabinet attaches particular importance to the diplomas of its employees and the lawyer who will follow the course of the proceedings must necessarily hold a specialized university degree in the compensation of bodily injury.